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Koh Chang
In stark contrast with Pattaya, Koh Chang gives the visitor a glimpse of what the coast East of Bangkok would have looked like before the intensification of Tourism operations in the region. Warm, serene, yet possessing a similar flavor to Pattaya with regards to the water conditions, Koh Chang is an excellent spot for those who want to get away from the crowd and have a relaxing vacation. Located further east from Pattaya and closer to the border with Cambodia, Koh Chang is widely regarded as an exemplary instance of how the demarcation of marine parks has helped in the conservation of Thailand’s coastal islands.

   In what was only a little while back an extremely quiet island, one can now see bungalows, resorts and pubs marking the slow but steady developments taking place in the region. Within the Koh Chang national marine park one finds the delightful little island of Koh Mark which abounds with coconut trees. Koh Karm, barely a kilometer away from Koh Mark, possesses a beautiful beach as well as clear waters.
   It is only of late that Diving activities have begun at Koh Chang. Both Koh Mark as well as Koh Karm is conducive to  snorkeling since the corals are relatively shallow here. Thonburi, a ship that was sunk by the French Army in 1940 can be found lying not too far from the coast and is accessible to divers. However, the water-currents can be quite strong in this particular spot and interested divers are  recommended to contact local experts before making plans for diving. Hin Lookbath is a dive-spot in the region that has multitudes of tiny  underwater fauna; Hin  Larb boasts soft corals, sponges and smaller species of  fish; Koh Rung has a wonderful variety of fauna including the sea-rout on offer.
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   Traveling down to Koh Chang from Bangkok, one follows the
same root channels as in the case of Pattaya. Travel by road is the recommended option. By car, the Bangna Trad or the Motorway should get one to Koh Chang in about five hours. Air-conditioned buses leave for Koh Chang from Ekkamai as well as Morchit Stations; traveling time is again about five hours.There is also a van service available from Soi Kao Sarn near Veang Tai Hotel. Both the bus as well as van services leave Bangkok for Koh Chang daily at 08:00. One would have to take the ferry and transfer appropriately at Lam Ngorb (about three hours out from Bangkok) but the whole process is not nearly as cumbersome as
Koh Samui is a very popular tourist destination and is a favorite amongst both foreign as well as Thai visitors. The white sandy beaches and coconut trees lend the landscape of Koh Samui the look of a pristine tropical paradise. Comfortable hotels, shopping malls and spas abound at Koh Samui offering the visitor a typical Thai package of luxury and relaxation.

   The spas at Koh Samui are, in fact, quite popular with ladies as the whole range of relaxation therapies such as hydro therapy, aroma therapy etc are available here. Snorkeling is another popular activity at Koh Samui. Ang Thong Island is one of the best spots in the area for snorkeling.

   Koh Wow and Hin Yooporn are good dive sites. These spots have great corals as well as tortoises, sea-snakes etc. Southwest Pinnacle is a site famous for sea flowers and Sea Nimos as well as Stone Fish are a more or less common sight. A little away from the main Island of Koh Samui will be found Koh Kra. This Island derives its name from the turtle and true to its name the Hawksbill turtle is commonly spotted at Koh Kra. Black-tip Sharks and Manta Rays have also been sighted in this area. One could also choose to take a live-aboard boat to Losin Island where the waters are even less disturbed than at Koh Samui proper and a wider variety of underwater flora/fauna can be seen. Hin Bai is another great dive site that lays roughly in-between Koh Tao and Koh Pangan. Hin Bai not only has an excellent underwater diversity of corals and fish but also boasts an underwater tunnel where Morays and sea-flowers can be seen.

   Koh Samui can be reached most conveniently from Bangkok by taking a flight to the airport at Samui; the flight takes a little less than one and a half hours to reach Koh Samui. Both air-conditioned as well as ordinary buses leave to Koh Samui from Bangkok everyday. The trip by road usually takes about fourteen hours excluding the boat that would need to be taken to the Island from Don-Sak Port (boats leave for Koh Samui from here seven times a week and seven days a week). Speed-boats can be taken from Surathtanee for Koh Samui at eight in the morning everyday.